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Third Trimester - What to expect?
July 10, 2012 by Dr. Mandar V. Bichu
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Third Trimester - What to expect?

In the third trimester, you may feel a little uncomfortable as you continue to gain weight and your false labor contractions continue. It is a good idea to start taking childbirth classes and breastfeeding classes around this time. Included below is a list of some of the changes and symptoms you can expect during this, your final trimester:


The Increased Frequency of the Bladder

As your fetus grows, there is increased pressure being placed on the bladder, causing an increase in urinary frequency. Make sure you don’t cut back on fluids in an attempt to cut back on your trips to the bathroom. Also, as before, whenever you feel the urge to empty your bladder, do it.



 As you near the end of your pregnancy, you might notice more swelling than you had before, especially in your ankles, fingers and face. This is called edema and is due to fluid retention. Continue to drink lots of water and rest when can with your feet elevated. However, sudden, extreme swelling in any of these areas, or a rapid significant weight gain, could be a sign of pre-eclampsia (also known as pregnancy-induced hypertension) and you should contact your doctor immediately.


Braxton Hicks Contractions (False Labor)

 Braxton Hicks contractions may begin to occur at irregular intervals in preparation for childbirth. These uterine contractions begin sometime after the 20th week of pregnancy and usually feel like a painless tightening of your uterus. They last about fifteen or thirty seconds and should not be confused with labor pains.



 Since you are carrying around more weight than before, you are easily fatigued and you may also have trouble sleeping at night. Please do not ignore extreme fatigue as this could be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. You may also find that you experience periods of shortness of breath. This will be particularly evident in the last trimester when the expanding uterus presses against the diaphragm and crowds the lungs. You can obtain relief by sleeping in a semi-propped-up position with two or three pillows.


Breast Tenderness and Colostrum

Colostrum, (first milk) a fluid in the breasts that nourishes the baby until the breast milk becomes available, may begin to leak from the nipples.  It is a thick, yellowish fluid that is rich in antibodies that protect new babies from infections.

.As you near the end of your pregnancy, hormones in your body cause your breasts to increase even more in size, to prepare for breastfeeding. Your breasts can feel full and heavy, and they might be tender or uncomfortable. A well-fitting maternity or nursing bra will offer extra support and help you be more comfortable.



Here comes the most anticipated and feared part of pregnancy. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the signs of labor namely

True labor pains characterized by

  • Contractions
  • Bloody show
  • Water breaking

Tips for preparing in advance are

  • Antenatal classes
  • Discussing about the birth process with your obstetrician
  • Familiarizing with the nursing home and labor ward
  • Learning proper breathing techniques

POSTPARTUM (After the delievery)

Now that the baby’s born, it’s time to focus on postpartum care – for you and your newborn!

As a new mom, breastfeeding can be a unique experience that allows you to bond with your baby. However, it’s natural to have concerns about breastfeeding your baby, even if you’ve breastfed before. All your queries can be answered by a lactation consultant.

After the birth of your baby, you’ll likely notice that your body isn’t the same as it was before pregnancy.  Healthy eating and a good fitness regimen can help you improve the look of your body after pregnancy, as well as improve your overall postpartum health in order to create a more beautiful you.

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